Post-Processing Solutions

Optimized. Automatic. Repeatable.

A Complete Workflow

Onulis provides a comprehensive solution for DLP –
a robotic wash station, fully automated UV curing, and thermal curing. This validated process ensures that all material specifications are being achieved. Explore the process below. 

Step 1: Part Cleaning


Sequential linked robotic IPA or detergent wash station.

Step 2: UV Part Curing

WRAP Prime

WRAP Prime

Fully automatic UV part curing, validated by all major material manufacturers. All Recommended Cure Times are available here.

Step 3: Thermal Part Curing


Thermal part curing, pre-programmed for Origin One Validated materials.

WRAP Prime Benefits

Dual Functionality
Print waste resin, then switch to the final curing of your DLP parts.

Fully Automatic
Save time avoiding manual part repositioning.

Cost Savings
WRAP Prime LED longevity negates the need for expensive halide bulb replacement.

Repeatable Quality
Properly control temperature and UV wavelength, ensuring mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy.

Novel Architecture
Transparent turntable positioned between UV light sources evenly cures the bottom of your part.


Explore our range of accessories to get the most out of your DLP post-curing process.

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