Unused Resin Printing

Safe & Efficient Printing Solution

How It Works

WRAP® (Waste Resin Axial Printing) is the perfect environmental solution for one of 3D printing’s biggest workflow gaps: hazardous waste handling. Start transforming your used or expired UV/EB waste resin into solid plastic stock today.

Step 1: Prep Resin

The WRAP Pro cures unused and expired PolyJet, SLA, and DLP resin. The first step in printing is mixing and testing the resin using the Vat Viscosity Testing Tool – ensuring the correct Vat is used.

Step 2: Start Print

Pour the resin into the Vat and raise the mandrel carriage. The WRAP Pro will start automatically.

Step 3: Remove Cured Resin

Once your print is complete, the WRAP Pro will automatically stop. The solid resin can now be CNC’d into prototyping parts, or disposed as standard household waste.


Transform used and expired liquid waste into functional machine components.

Time Savings
Start the WRAP Pro and walk away.

Cost Savings
Avoid costly hazardous waste outsourcing.

Avoid messy DIY curing that exposes employees to dangerous hazardous waste.

Hands-free operation allows employees to focus on higher-level tasks.


Explore our range of accessories to get the most out of your used resin printing.

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